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Am i the only person who legitimately worries about every little response, comment, and post i make on the multitude of pages i have and have to keep up for my following?

Or maybe, thats what an artists' social media management team is for - must be nice to have an army of people erasing all those troll comments and embarrassing drunk posts for you.


I have to stay awake at night worrying about all that myself. Scrutinizing every little thing. Many of us do, and many don't even worry about censoring.

I was never a socially anxious person before IN MY LIFE. But internet + "fame culture" surrounding the DJ/rave world these days, pushed by media and big labels really really is making me more and more anxious. Because its bringing in the crowds and followers who respond and almost expect those sort of things.

Its a strange thing, a NEW thing for me. Suddenly, a few thousand people will see a picture it will get shared around and re-shared around. Reading all of those comments can make you nuts. As i loose sleep over a stupid comment, or responding to a troll, or some other stupid online happening, it made me really discover how dependent we can become to these sites, to these opinions, that double edged sword of being able to globally collaborate and reach others, yet with that comes global exposure and even stranger online attitudes and cultural differences, and miscommunications. which makes maintaining my online image to my ever growing following, most of them really young, really scary at times. Because i make mistakes ALL the damn time. We ALL do, we're people just like anybody else! Its something nobody really prepares you for, you just wake up and are faced with dealing with one day.

To make a mistake in public, as a public figure, puts you on a pedestal to be shamed, torn to shreds and judged without a trial.


The more successful you become, that target on your face just grows larger and larger. Its there as a reminder to be responsible. Use it wisely. Many ignore it, and its easy to forget about now and then, but sometimes, it still causes me sleepless nights.

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