inside the world of American Hard Dance
inside the world of American Hard Dance

Momocon Prep!

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oh shit its MOMOCON Week!

Convention week is always a flurry of rehearsals, gear checks, gear upgrades, release and promo rushes, late nights of crazed sewing and social media posting frenzy.


and no matter how prepared you think you are….it just is never enough time.

i think that is a universal truth for all convention attendees; there is just NEVER. ENOUGH.TIME!


This will be my first year as a musical guest for Momocon - and i am going to be joined by my awesome friends Exhilaration. Nothing like doing a convention your first time with a big group of super talented friends. They've been busting ass making sure we get accommodated right, and the show goes off huge. I understand the pressure and stress - we'll be there in july with Metrocon! im still extremely excited to see everyone, and have the freedom of wandering about. Not having to vend the Spacepod Booth gives me time to see the convention and join in on some daytime events - something i normally don't get to do cause i'm locked to a booth! A rare treat, and its going to be one hell of a show sat night.

Today starts my ritual of shutting myself off to the outside world and focusing solely on new song rehearsals, any costume changes/maintenance i need to do, packing ( ughh, i am a serial overpacker its horrible ) and getting the house all nice and clean ( or as close to it that i can get) so we can come back to a nice home. My Coffee drinking spikes tremendously….


Only a few close friends have the ability to stop by - mostly cause anybody at this point who stops by is put to work helping me in my frenzy ; pinning, stitching, glueing, endless sorting of laundry and sweeping. Only a few have the patience for my spastic ass in show week- everybody wants to help out until they're actually in the thick of it and under piles of fur and sequins.

On this weeks immediate agenda is:

1) new song debuts - got a few new ones to get my head around ( Hearts on Sleeves releases tomorrow - best timing ever!) and promos to get out to the radio DJs


2) getting my hair to fade from white to blue. My outfit for my concert saturday night is an all white ensemble , coordinated around my fresh white Kikwear reflective phats. Figured a white head would be pretty funky. The theme being " the Circus" so over the top why the hell not! i haven't done my hair white in YEARS…so here's hoping i remember how to do it.

2) narrowing down the day outfits. i really put way to much crap in my suitcase. Maybe because i'm bringing the large one i feel obligated to fill it? probably. but — i kinda love it. its a problem, i know. also unlike a club gig which is one day of show, - i have 3 days of meet and greets, photos and shenanigans and a show so -mentally i gives me more of an excuse to bring ALL THE THINGS. my poor overstuffed suitcase though would argue otherwise.


3) Get my Tribal Fusion Bellydance class curriculum set for when i return - i'm picking up new hours sat nights 7-8pm. Teaching is still a whole new adventure for me...and its amazing.

and plot out our eats of course — our hotel is right down the way from the shining gem of every Atlanta weekend stay for us … Gladys Knights' Chicken n Waffles. It's worth the always long wait to be seated. Those waffles are legendary for a reason.


Rob has got his eye on some other stops too so, foodie adventure all the way!

Momocon 2014 lets do thisssss !!!

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