inside the world of American Hard Dance
inside the world of American Hard Dance

Metrocon Booking: to the Haters and Complainers

so many acts that want to come in but their agencies say no.

so many acts we can book in but our budget says no

so many genres we can do but the crowd says no

so many themes we can do but the PG rating says no

Metrocon is a paradox to book. its extremely difficult, and must i remind you also - a free party included with your convention day or weekend pass.


the cost to come into this arena party without a con badge? a whopping $10.

you know where that money goes? not to us. It goes RIGHT BACK INTO the pot for NEXT YEARS PARTY.


We pull off miracles with the amount of factors that goes against us, and the eventual shows we pull off. and now this year...we have an extra party to add on.

we COULD just put an itunes playlist or spotify stream full blast in a panel room downstairs with no lighting, no pro sound system, no international headliners, no globooth, and leave it at that. In fact it would save us a tremendous amount of work, hair pulling out, late nights and anxiety.



we could charge $100 + for a weekend rave pass and add lineup/ticket tiers like every other party ' festival' at this caliber.


But we don't because YOU matter. for ravers, by ravers. always.

so stop your bitchin and enjoy your free awesome party.

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