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IT ALL HITS. My last few months summed up into one massive excited panic attack.

November: getting a wild idea...wondering if we can pull it off. Then actually hitting up a few headliners while trying not to fangirl in the worst way possible while asking " hey...wanna play my party??".


December: going back and forth between agencies and convention staff to bring in our big UK headliners after i hear ' yeahh!!" ....and then realizing we went 4 days this year and also added an extra party to the already ridiculous show production thus having to staff an extra night of dance team , and Djs, volunteers and realizing also i have to vend an extra day AND stock glowbooth an extra night. well shit.

January: I have new choreography to learn because i got my dance team for Metrocon. and new songs debuting. Crap.

March: my mini tour books up......having out of state dates to perform in between to take my mind off of the looming Metrocon responsibilities and ongoing tug of war between agency and budget / business talks was nice. but fleeting. Then the confirmation of lineup happens.. and media starts coming together. Which is when shit gets real for me.


jimni cricket! MUTHAFCUKING FRACUS AND DARWIN! and all my amazing fellow local producer/dj friends who finally get a chance to play a massive stage they deserve...


i get cracking immediately on my show wardrobe, AND my looks to rock at the booth ( which is now also going to be featuring merch and appearances by the rest of the DJ talents themselves all weekend)..sketch out a few really rough ideas in a flurry then i get an email.

My Toronto show flights book in 3 days i leave. i have 3 days to prepare for a live concert in Canada of a damn good size thats been promoted for months but for some reason, customs and passport approvals and flights just confirm in NOW....


Today: the Metrocon flyer finally drops today and lineup is announced - ALL my pages explode. and so does my brain.

and i have 3 days to prepare for Toronto, in which i have a concert and promotional shit to do all weekend. I mute all the notifications going apeshit....and go make a big meal, because i now have rehearsal for Toronto in two hours.


And this is why, i drink so much damn coffee.

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