inside the world of American Hard Dance
inside the world of American Hard Dance

Hearts on Sleeves RELEASED on BEAPORT!!

"Hearts on Sleeves" is Released Today! just in time for the weekend ahead. This song was alot of fun to write , the track itself was so upbeat and uplifting. When Mark Pey sent it my way i was so excited.

I approached it as an anthem for a crush, trying to capture that feeling of longing and excitement;

this is the result of me binge watching romantic anime. ;p

Original and Sash Dee Remix

I Fell for you once again its just a little falter;

still makes me feel like i'm dancing underwater

Time has slowed down

As you come closer

but it feels so good

A rush all over

Oh can you see me smile

over a thousand times

stumble up on my words

as my thoughts race inside

as far as crushes go

this one is heavy

so please forgive me

i don't think im ready

If it were as easy to take hearts from sleeves

you know i would, take it if i could

just one touch from you and i'd fall to my knees

you know i would, love you if i could!

you and i see eye to eye on all the things we've been through

and im not part of a world i really want to show you

let's dress up and dance all night

because it makes you happy

i'd cuddle you through it all oh

baby would you let me?

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